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   Graphic Design / DTP
Whatever your industry, the right company image is vital if your business is to develop and reach its full potential.

We don’t just make logos that look good. Each of our designs is created to our client’s individual requirements to be memorable, to inspire customer confidence and to represent their business in one neat, professional package.

Small businesses - if you would like training or assistance with any of the above design, development or publishing areas, please contact Borderpics.

Find out how a professional new image can help you reach your goals. Contact:


for rapid and competitively priced design for both web and print media, and for training and consultancy in aspects of design, web development and desktop publishing.

Designing for the web is similar to designing for print,  a good eye for composition, layout and colour harmony are required but the finished materials must be optimised for suitable web use e.g. JPG, GIF, correct screen resolution and quality.

View some of the web sites on the Web Photography page and examine the custom graphics and designs below.

The web allows your clients to find information about your services quickly and easily, without engaging a member of your staff. They can investigate, consider and purchase in just a few clicks. Potential clients need to locate your web in the first place and Borderpics can optimise your web site for good search engine ratings.

The design qualities demanded for print are similar as listed under Design For The Web but materials must be optimised at the highest resolution and the preferred format for the printer or printing company. Borderpics can optimise your output whatever the finished requirements.  
From a 'one-off' logo to a complete brochure, contact Borderpics. You can source all photographic requirements and design work from the one supplier - cut your costs - not your quality!

Find out how a professional new image can help you reach your goals. Contact:


Logo with drop shadow designed for web site Logo with text designed for web site

Graphic custom designed for web site.

Embossed logo with graduated background, designed for web site and accompanying documentation. Logo for web site custom designed to incorporate existing company logo combined with a suitable graphic to advertise fishing let and accommodation.

Web site headers designed to incorporate photographs depicting actual areas referred to in web site. Note different text styles, drop shadows and other graphic details.

Basic invoice layout designed for computer use and ease of printing on laser printers. No need to purchase bespoke forms, print the layout with the text.

The example above incorporates simple graphic design and desk top publishing skills. The example shown is actually a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet designed by Borderpics. By using protected cells to safeguard the graphic and layout areas, the Excel formulas still function as required and all calculations are automated where possible. On completion, the spreadsheet is printed as normal. Don't waste money with bespoke forms or expensive pre-printed forms. Just ask Borderpics to tailor your software, speed up your workflow and mange your forms at low cost.

Low cost design and printing? Contact Borderpics

Desktop publishing skilld used in a multi-layered graphic.

DTP and graphic design used to create a simple menu for a French evening.

The tickets were designed to be printed 8 tickets per A4 page and they incorporated an official logo generated using Adobe Photoshop as no original was available in suitable resolution. An example of graphic design to generate professional looking tickets at relatively low cost.






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