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Additional Examples - Jethart Festival 2005








Jethart Callant Adam Lees was blessed with sunshine for most of the festival The first rideout to Morebattle took place on a blistering hot day and the good weather continued for the climax on Festival Friday.

Left-Hand Man Jamie McCraw voices his support for Callant Lees.

Right-Hand Man Clark Scott is overcome with emotion as another festival draws to a close.



Draped in sunshine, Callant Lees acknowledges the cheering crowds that lined the ramparts.

A poignant moment at the war memorial during the wreath laying ceremony.

Men Of Steel: The Jethart axe is a symbol of the battles and skirmishes recalled with pride at Jethart Callants festival. Halberdiers Clarke Scott and Tony Turnbull maintain order. Michael Ancrum, Shadow Defence Secretary enthralled the watching crowds at Ferniehirst with a defiant message following the recent atrocities In London. The spirit of Jethart folk who stood firm against aggression over the years must become the spirit of the nation in the face of terrorism. Ex-Callant Jim Miller recites The Reprisal with great gusto. Watching are Herald John Mabon and Provost Len Wyse.


The Jedforest Instrumental Band and the Jedburgh Royal British Legion Pipe Band turnout tirelessly during the festival weeks.

On the left the war memorial is reflected in this highly polished instrument.

247 mounted supporters and hundreds of townsfolk turned out on Festival Friday to support the 2005 Jethart Festival led by Callant Lees.

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Games day and these young lassies enjoy the first rays of sunshine after dancing the night away at the Jethart Ball.

Left-Hand Man Jamie McCraw pays his respects.

Townsfolk packed the banks of the River Jed to watch the cavalcade ford the Jed at Cannongate. A small section of the dignitaries marching to the war memorial. Local worthies watch events unfold at Ferniehirst


Callants Club president Bob Hewie pins a sprig from the Capon Tree onto the lapel of Callant Lees.

The Callant and Herald arrive at the Capon tree having just left Lintalee, where the English were hammered by the good Sir James Douglas many years ago.


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