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   Panoramic Techniques
When taking photographs of buildings or interiors, most people reach for a wide angle lens or set the equivalent wide view on their camera to squeeze everything in.

 This is okay on certain occasions but if its important for an image to look realistic and to appear as a fair representation of the original scene, a better option is available. At Borderpics, we apply panoramic photographic techniques to produce wide angle representations of important shots, especially for web display and for selling purposes.

Several images of a scene are captured, often using a standard lens. Using digital software, the images are then stitched together and perspective corrections applied if required. The result is far superior to the 'wide angle view' adopted by many photographers.

   Photographic Services


Freelance Photographers -Scottish Borders

Borderpics offer a highly personal and professional freelance photographic service tailored to the individual needs of every client.


We offer a wide range of photographic services and have distributed work abroad and in the UK. If you are looking for a freelance photographer offering a professional service which can be tailored to suit your budget and deadlines contact Borderpics now, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Borderpics undertakes commissioned work and freelance press photography with images regularly featured in the Scottish Borders local press.

Call or e-mail now to discuss your freelance photography needs and receive a proposal. No obligation.

Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Cards, Calendars, Fine Art, Posters, The Web, Individuals, Groups, Sports, Organisations, Teams.

Apologies to those of you without broadband. This page will take a while to load as it contains many photographs. Please be patient. These are just a few examples to illustrate freelance and commission work.

Jed V Kelso - Border League clash.
Jed V Melrose - 2006 Border league.  Sports action photography bu Borderpics





A family portrait commissioned at very short notice for a last minute birthday present. The photo shoot was completed in 30 minutes, the photographs processed, optimised and printed the same night. The very next day, the finished article complete with hand made custom frame was presented to the customer. One of the benefits of being able to provide a complete service from beginning to end.

Using digital techniques, its possible to isolate part of an image, change the background then enhance the image by adding a digital frame as in the above example. This photograph was created from the centre section of the one below and right.








Freelance Photography In The Scottish Borders

Borderpics offers years of experience in freelance photography. Having worked for the local press in the 80's & 90's, undertaken 100+ weddings, varied portraiture from animals to criminal investigation photography, achieved associateship (ARPS) with the Royal Photographic Society, we have been working in digital since 2000.

For a professional, versatile photographer, look no further than Borderpics.

Free quotations - all work considered.






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