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   Panoramic Techniques
When taking photographs of buildings or interiors, most people reach for a wide angle lens or set the equivalent wide view on their camera to squeeze everything in.

This is okay on certain occasions but if its important for an image to look realistic and to appear as a fair representation of the original scene, a better option is available. At Borderpics, we apply panoramic photographic techniques to produce wide angle representations of important shots, especially for web display and for selling purposes.

Several images of a scene are captured, often using a standard lens. Using digital software, the images are then stitched together and perspective corrections applied if required. The result is far superior to the 'wide angle view' adopted by many photographers.


All images and text on this website are fully protected by national and international copyright law, and may not be used or reproduced in any form whatsoever without prior written permission.

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Professional service - personal attention. Borderpics, your local photographer in the Scottish Borders


The freelance page features over 50 photographs representative of the photography Borderpics undertakes including landscapes and unusual high quality panoramic photos of the Scottish Borders.

Once the photo galleries have been compiled on Borderpics, it will be possible to order photographs individually for digital use, as prints with mounts ready to insert in frames, or fully framed ready to display.

The Scottish Border towns will feature heavily in the galleries with landscapes and  panoramic views a speciality. The Scottish Borders is an ideal location for photography and landscape photos of the Scottish Borders will dominate.

Please bookmark this page and visit again soon.

Thank you.  


The gallery pages are constantly updated and will consist of new material combined with a selection of photographs from containing many photographs of Jedburgh and the Scottish Borders.



2009/02/01 - YONEX 2009 Scottish National Badminton tournament - Photos available now.

Gordon Thomson - Men's Singles Champion 2009 - YONEX Scottish National Badminton Championship


2008/11/30 - Frosty morning at Edgerston lake resulted in a lovely trio of prints - 3 different views.

Select the image above to see a larger version.

2008/11/23 - Bank Of Scotland International Badminton Championships

2008/10/11 - Jedforest V Hamilton  6 in a row!

2008/10/11 - Jed Legion V Tweedmouth

2008/10/05 - Bank Of Scotland U15/U19 Badminton Championships

2008/09/27 - Jedforest V Haddington   Well done Jed!

2008/09/20 - Jedforest V Stewarts Melville

2008/04-09    Badgers and Wildlife

2008/03/01 - Jedforest V Stirling County

2008/02/02 - YONEX Scottish National Badminton Championships

2008/01/26 - Jedforest V Kelso

2007/12/20 - Jedburgh Grammar School Prom Photos



2007/10/27 Jedforest V Hilhead Jordanhill - Rugby action here


2007/10/14 JED LEGION v KELSO U15's- Football Action

2007/04/21  SHTUMM and FRIENDS - Riverside Park Jedburgh

2007/04/07 Berwick Rangers V Elgin- Football Action

2007/02/25 New Montage Work - See Montage and Restoration/Restore

2006/12/18 - Jedburgh Grammar School Prom Photos

2006/12/15 Pet Photography - See framing page (Muddy)

2006/12/06 Image restoration and enhancement, new example, see Restoration page (John MacLennan - car in street)

Jethart Festival 2006  - Complete Coverage.

To view these photographs and more, select Galleries here or from the index links on the left of the page. (Links in pink)

Jedforest Instrumental Band Commemorative Bandstand Opening with the Princess Royal, selection of photographs on view, more to follow - check back soon. Select Galleries under Index Links on the left.

Millennium View - Kelso, a superb view captured in a panoramic photo 45" x 12" wide. Select the Panoramic Photo Page.

Struggling to think of a special present or gift? Check out the Montage Page for ideas.

View the Panoramic Photo Page for Jedburgh Cottage Hospital protest March panoramic photo. How many locals can you spot?

To view other photos of Jedburgh, Melrose, the Scottish Borders and further a-field, please visit 



2007/04/07 Berwick Rangers V Elgin - Football Action
2006/11/11 & 12 Jedforest V Stew Mel, Remembrance Day Jedburgh & Edgerston
2006/10/14 Jed legion V Selkirk Victoria - Football
2006/10/07 Jedforest V Hillhead / Jordanhill
2006/09/15 Fine art photography and production - example
2006/09/09 Jedforest V Gala, Ancrum V Gala Rovers, Edgerston Flower Show
2006/06 Jethart Festival 2006 rideouts - Links below
Jedforest Instrumental Band Commemorative Bandstand Opening 2006/04/26
Rugby - Jedforest V Melrose 2006/04/25  
Rugby - Jedforest V Kelso 2006/04/01 Rugby - Jedforest RFC V Peebles 2006/03/17
Rugby - Jedforest V Berwick 2006/03/11 Football - Ancrum V Hawick Waverly 2006/02/18
F'Ball - Ancrum V Hawick Lgn 2006/02/04 Rugby - Jedforest V Cartha QP 2006/02/04


Jed Legion V Coldstream 2006/11/18

Jethart Festival Committee commissioned Borderpics to photograph then frame the above image presented to Len and Mary Wyse.

Jethart Festival Gallery links below

Order your festival prints framed by Borderpics. A quality hand made frame finished for wall mounting or table top. (Actual photograph above, not a digital representation. 10 x 8" colour print in bespoke frame - overall size approx. 16 x 13")



Festival Flavour - A selection of photographs from several events
Festival Day - Now Uploaded 7th July!
Investiture, ceremonies / walk & reel.
Ancrum ride featuring Ale river crossings, & festivities round the green
Queens Ride featuring Q-Mary's House and Fulton Tower
Redeswire Ride, Knock Hills, The Stane, Dolphinston & Home
Crailing Ride, River Crossings, Jed and Teviot
Southdean Ride, comprehensive coverage
Morebattle Ride - Departure from Bongate Jedburgh
Callant Visits Edgerston 2006/06/13


PRINTS CAN BE ORDERED BY EMAILING YOUR REQUIREMENTS QUOTING THE NUMBER THAT APPEARS UNDER THE PHOTOGRAPH OR BY GIVING A SUITABLE DESCRIPTION OF THE IMAGE IN QUESTION. Post a cheque made out to John Peters for the correct amount. Full address / contact details can be located on the CONTACTS page or you can download order forms (see below) complete with address details. Prints are supplied un-mounted in a board backed envelope or postal tube for larger sizes. Postage will be charged at cost - please enquire.

Every image is optimised for quality, you can be sure your photograph is sharp and colour corrected. We do not simply upload from the camera, paste to the web and sell as is.

Hand made framed prints available on request, see framing services. Montage service available. Reduced prices for festival orders. Select your photograph, have it enlarged then presented in a quality hand made frame.

Reprint / Enlargement prices

6 x 4" 3.00 10 x 8" 11.00
7 x 5" 5.00 12 x 10" 14.00
8 x 6" 9.00 16 x 12" 18.00
Larger sizes available if required. Order 3 or more for 10% discount.

If you prefer, simply email your requirements or telephone. See contact page for details, thank you.



HRH Princess Royal at the opening of the Jedforest Instrumental Band new Bandstand and park in Jedburgh. More photographs, link above this photograph. Borderpics - for quality freelance and press photography in the Scottish Borders.

A young fox cub peering out of its den - an old badger sett. A family of badgers lives just 20 yards from this point. Photographed 2006/05/05 8.45pm. Canon 20D, 580PX, 70-200 L IS USM. 400 ASA, 1/200, F7.1. It was very dark and this cub was nestled about 2 yards inside the tunnel. Focusing manually, this one was sharp, three were not.

Siskin (Carduelis spinus)

Starling and chick (Sturnus vulgaris)

View a selection of Scottish Border landscape photographs below

Far off Africa? Nah -Whitton Loch - Scottish Borders


Carter Bar - English / Scottish Border


Typical Scottish Borders Landscape - Edgerston Hills in the Autumn.

Early morning from the ruins on Overton Hill looking towards the Carter Bar. The Cheviots can be seen from the next ridge on the left. A panoramic landscape consisting of three separate photographs generating a large file size for superb print quality. Processed from raw, Canon 20D, Canon wide angle lens. The misty area near the centre is featured in the photograph below. Photographed 2006/01/29
Taken the other side of the two trees featured in the above photograph. Canon 70-200 lens used, three images stitched vertically using panoramic processing techniques. The Edgerston estate road shrouded in early morning mist. Scottish Borders landscape photography at it's best.

Jedburgh of old from the Abbey Tower. Kenmore halls and the Old Victoria Laundry are still visible in this photograph.
Borderpics has acquired a comprehensive collection of hi-resolution (300 DPI+) photographs of Old Jedburgh and they will be available for purchase from the galleries. See framed examples on this site. Look back soon.


Commission Work

Looking for a competitive quote, a professional approach, quality work you can rely on? Of course you are. Look no further.

Commission or event photography, photo-finishing, optimisation, web design, hand printing, bespoke picture framing & mounting, graphic design work, DVD authoring, Photoshop tuition and workflow techniques, - all under the one roof? Borderpics: your one stop photo-shop in the Scottish Borders.

Free quotations - all work considered.






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