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   Panoramic Techniques
When taking photographs of buildings or interiors, most people reach for a wide angle lens or set the equivalent wide view on their camera to squeeze everything in.

 This is okay on certain occasions but if its important for an image to look realistic and to appear as a fair representation of the original scene, a better option is available. At Borderpics, we apply panoramic photographic techniques to produce wide angle representations of important shots, especially for web display and for selling purposes.

Several images of a scene are captured, often using a standard lens. Using digital software, the images are then stitched together and perspective corrections applied if required. The result is far superior to the 'wide angle view' adopted by many photographers.

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Traditional and Digital Photographs - Photos By John Peters, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders

Denholm Village Website - An in depth look at Denholm, past present and future.

Jedburgh Online - the definitive website for the Royal Burgh of Jedburgh

Jedforest Instrumental Band - vast and varied info, a must for musicians

Jedburgh Badminton Club

Jedburgh Bowling Club

The Border Reivers - The story of the Anglo-Scottish Borders during the times of the Border Reivers. Reiving family surnames, locations to visit, and much, much more....

Jedforest R.F.C. - For followers of Jedforest R.F.C. and rugby in general.

Lothian Estates Fishing & Accommodation

Jedburgh Golf Club

Jake Designs - Photography and web services in the Scottish Borders

LTG Design - Freelance graphic designer, restoration, colourisation, manipulation, montage, flyers, posters, tickets, corporate identity

Scottish Borders Prints Photography - Photographs of the beautiful Scottish Borders Countryside, including historical monuments, landscapes and towns. Photographs by Derek Jackson.

Dryburgh Falconry Bird of Prey Centre, The Essence of Falconry in the Scottish Borders

Pictures of Scotland, Scottish pictures of Landscapes, Castles, Seasides and Lochs.

Oxnam Web Site - Hawick in the Scottish Borders

Bairnkine Cottages - Self catering accommodation in the Scottish Borders


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