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   Panoramic Techniques
When taking photographs of buildings or interiors, most people reach for a wide angle lens or set the equivalent wide view on their camera to squeeze everything in.

 This is okay on certain occasions but if its important for an image to look realistic and to appear as a fair representation of the original scene, a better option is available. At Borderpics, we apply panoramic photographic techniques to produce wide angle representations of important shots, especially for web display and for selling purposes.

Several images of a scene are captured, often using a standard lens. Using digital software, the images are then stitched together and perspective corrections applied if required. The result is far superior to the 'wide angle view' adopted by many photographers.

   Freelance  Work

We also take photographs!

Event photography, portraiture, pets, products, news coverage, brochure work, all considered.

Waterloo Monument - Ancrum, Scottish Borders. Captured for Borderpics, your Scottish Borders photographer.

Professional service - personal attention. Borderpics, your local photographer in the Scottish Borders

The difference - all aspects of the process are undertaken by Borderpics, your one stop photo shop near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

Quality is ensured at every stage until the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Web Site  Photography 

Compiling a web site for your business, holiday home or bed and breakfast?

You deserve photographs that display your property or goods in the best possible light. First impressions count!

You may require faithful reproduction or images to be enhanced but either way, they should load quickly on your web page but not at the expense of quality.

See examples here. 

How many times have you seen interior shots of  a room where only a small area is covered and the viewer is given little idea of the overall size or light levels?

How often are buildings represented with sloping walls and distorted edges? Many photographers stick on a wide angle lens, power up their flash gun and snap. 

At Borderpics, we take extra care of your work and apply special techniques when taking photographs and later when optimising for production on the web.

Ambient light levels are carefully considered and panoramic techniques are applied to give realistic wide angle views devoid of converging verticals (sloping edges). See examples of previous work.



What is a montage?

One definition reads:- An artwork comprising of portions of various existing images such as photographs or prints and arranged so that they join, overlap or blend to create a new image.

See examples below.
All photography, montage work and framing by Borderpics. A commission for a client as a birthday present. If you're struggling for ideas for a present or gift, why not consider something unique, personal and very special? A montage can be made from a variety of images taken by Borderpics or if you have photographs or documents in your possession, they can be scanned or copied for use. See below for other montage ideas.


The montage depicted above was created from several photographs taken at a local event. Montage work is a speciality from Borderpics and is a photographic service available from a limited number of photographers and photo finishers.

Find out how this fine art montage was made - click here


A montage is the ideal way to combine several photographs into one complete image rather than simply display a collection or series of individual photographs.  


If you feel you don't have enough prints or images, why not commission Borderpics to capture some for you. This is an ideal opportunity to capture images specifically with a montage in mind. A commission can include photographing objects / items / people or scanning existing photographs to create a montage of your choice.

You could have a montage produced from your own digital images or from your own printed photographs which would be scanned leaving the originals intact and unharmed.


As an option, I can visit a location of your choice, take a series of photographs including house, car, people, landscape, buildings etc.

The finished work can be printed to any size, supplied as a photograph, laminated on board or provided complete with a quality frame selected to match the style and colours of the finished work.


A montage skilfully compiled and presented can depict an event, a family, a hobby, or a complete lifetime. It is a unique and personal item that makes an ideal gift for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, or Christmas present. A montage carefully compiled can be a unique and personal gift to be treasured and admired - after all, what do you give someone who has everything?

See below for more montage photos but consider the following ideas for gifts; wedding photographs, christenings, your pets, holiday memories, special birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, collections, school years, family tree, sports teams and trophies.

Example below created from 5 separate photographs. click the pic to see how ;-)

Above is an example of taking 5 separate photos, stripping away the backgrounds and creating a new photograph of all 5 subjects complete with a new background. The photographs were taken at different times and locations. These photos were supplied on CD and some were only 450K in size. I can work from digital images on CD, emailed files, or original prints sent by post.

Click on the image to see how these photographs were combined to create this montage.


Photographs taken on your special day whether by Borderpics or another photographer can be used to create a unique and personal montage. The pages in your finished wedding album can be photographed or scanned (copied) and a montage created in colour or mono.

The montage photo below was created from four separate photographs, the couple (two separate photos), the chapel and the flowers with candles.

An example of a wedding montage created from wedding photographs. This type of montage can be created after the event using images from your album or from photographs taken by guests.

Christenings -
A lifetime memory showing several generations

Your Pets -
Several images can be blended together, a perfect gift

Holiday Memories -
Have that special one-off holiday represented as a montage, display in your own home as a constant reminder

Special Birthdays -
18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th etc

Your car or prized possession can be blended with a background or image of your choice. See the montage photograph below.

A montage created from the three images below and some tarmac


Anniversaries -
An ideal present, unique and personal

Hobbies / collections / pastimes -

Proudly display your achievements. Any object, any size can be photographed and included in the finished montage.

School Years -
Bring back the memories. Display a selection of photographs taken over the years in one image.

(Above montage photograph is an actual photo of the framed print presented to Jedburgh Grammar School.)

Friends Reunited-
Group them all together and send a copy to them all. Include your school years or celebrations / places visited.

Team Montages -
Include your team line-up and individual action shots including your home ground.

Please note! The example below is not a montage in the real sense and some companies depict this as a montage service. This type of work is simpler and easier to complete as you are not sectioning off (removing backgrounds) images and very little is required in terms of creativity for  a balanced composition. Do not pay over the odds for this more basic service from other suppliers. Similar examples often include feathered edges to the photographs or simply overlay the photographs on top of each other.

Family Tree-
A great way to show your family tree. If you need some old photographs retouched in the process, no problem.

For a unique and personal gift,  contact me now.



Bespoke Picture Framing

Borderpics now offer a bespoke framing service; quality work at competitive prices.

With professional equipment, (Morso F, Cassese 88, Keencut Ultimat & Excalibur 5000), Borderpics can provide your artwork or photographs mounted ready to frame or framed complete ready to display.

Commission or event photography, photo-finishing, optimisation, web design, hand printing, bespoke picture framing & mounting, graphic design work, DVD authoring, Photoshop tuition and workflow techniques, - all under the one roof? Borderpics: your one stop photo-shop in the Scottish Borders.

Free quotations - all work considered.





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