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   Panoramic Techniques
When taking photographs of buildings or interiors, most people reach for a wide angle lens or set the equivalent wide view on their camera to squeeze everything in.

 This is okay on certain occasions but if its important for an image to look realistic and to appear as a fair representation of the original scene, a better option is available. At Borderpics, we apply panoramic photographic techniques to produce wide angle representations of important shots, especially for web display and for selling purposes.

Several images of a scene are captured, often using a standard lens. Using digital software, the images are then stitched together and perspective corrections applied if required. The result is far superior to the 'wide angle view' adopted by many photographers.


Borderpics offers a photo finishing service, just what is meant by photo finishing?

Photo finishing is the application of additional processing to enhance, modify or optimise images to make them as good as they can be. Equally important is optimising to the correct quality / resolution for the finished display requirements e.g. for the web, as exhibition quality prints, or to be used in the production of jigsaws, mugs, calendars or some other type of photo medium.

Consider some of the photographic services on offer from Borderpics. This page on photo finishing is really a summary of the photographic 'after services' on offer:

If you think Borderpics can assist with your photographic or photo finishing requirements, please make contact. Thank you.

Its rare to find a print that will not benefit from some form of adjustment whether it be from a  traditional negative / transparency or from a digital camera. Most images can benefit from small adjustments in contrast, colour, cropping, resolution and sharpness. Its very easy to transform an image from colour to monochrome to sepia. Similarly, monochrome images can be hand coloured.  
Traditional film and digital images are limited in the range of colours and contrast they can handle. To produce the best work, burning and dodging will be required to produce a wider range of tones from highlights through to shadow areas with detail. Borderpics has in depth knowledge on burning & dodging following years of work with traditional images. The tools may have changed with digital techniques but the principles are the same.  
Photographs can be supplied as web images, as prints, canvas mounted, on CD / DVD, with a matt ready for framing, or fully framed ready to hang.  
Damaged photographs can be restored and repaired to tip top condition, borders can be added along with text ready for reproduction at the highest quality. See examples for other options.  
Photographs can be used to create unique and personal presents in an ever increasing variety of objects such as gifts, frames and presents. It makes sense to have your image (s) optimised before sending away for a photo book, calendar, canvas print, fridge magnet, mouse mat,  key-ring, set of table mats, coasters, photo cushion, printed t-shirt etc. Your required photo finishing service may be cheaper than you think. It costs nothing to ask.  
Borderpics can supply photographs in folders, prepared with a matt ready for framing, framed in a bought frame or a hand made custom frame of your choice.  

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