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Restore / Repair Photos or Documents


Using modern digital imaging techniques, its possible to repair and restore a photo or document without causing any damage to the original photograph. A variety of problems can be corrected during the restoration process and photos that are faded, scratched, creased, torn, wrinkled or stained can be restored to a 'good as new' state. It's a simple matter to enhance or manipulate images e.g. convert black & white photos to "old style" sepia tone images or for a more elaborate restoration, parts of an image can be altered to give a "hand coloured" appearance. That old bugbear 'red eye' that spoils so many photos can be easily retouched enhancing your photograph at minimal cost.

A photo can be retouched or modified to remove unwanted material such as poles, telegraph wires, even people. Colours can be selectively enhanced or changed on a photo and images from several pictures or photographs can be combined together if required. Retouching or digital editing as it is sometimes referred to is nothing new, just the techniques have changed. Digital restoration or retouching is a service offered by many companies, and at Borderpics we have the skills and a genuine desire to produce top quality work that customers will be delighted with.

Please view some of the restoration / repair examples below and if you have any doubts about the quality of restoration work its worth viewing the last example, the restoration of a panoramic photograph. The restoration / repair work described was turned down by many other companies yet Borderpics undertook this difficult restore job completing this to the delight of the client. This job alone may convince you of the time, care and attention given to photographic repair and restoration.


Second major restoration of a panoramic photograph for Crypt Grammar School. View details by selecting the link below.

Crypt Grammar Panoramic Restoration / Repair


Please email for a no obligation quotation. Its surprising what can be achieved with today's technology but if you want a professional service with personal attention, then look no further. 

At Borderpics we have vast experience on all types of restoration & retouching work stemming from in depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, meticulous attention to detail and a desire to provide top quality work.



I received this image badly faded, torn through the middle and held together with sellotape. There were numerous scratches and marks on the surface too. The client asked for restoration along with names to be added underneath.

Trying to retain an authentic look, I restored the image to be printed at 5 x 7" size. The names were added below and the finished effect was like an old Carte De Visite type photo. The background and floor had to be built up to achieve proper dimensions for printing at 5 x 7". A difficult job requiring level 3 restoration.

Photo Before

Asked to create an image from this original was a challenge and required advanced restoration techniques. 

Photo After

A totally new background was created and placed out of focus. The face had to be reconstructed and the left side of the hat. The pullover on the left side also had to be crafted using advanced techniques. All creases were removed and the image converted to monochrome. 

Photo Before

The client asked to remove the gentleman on the left, remove the bottle of beer, and 'give each of the remaining pair - hair'

Photo After

The beer bottle was removed, the arm and much of the dress rebuilt, the background selectively lightened and the saturation reduced all over. It was a bit rich and on the red side. (Advanced restoration work).


Photo Before Top

Typical result from a small digital camera taken on automatic in mixed lighting. Flash and a slow shutter speed resulted in a ghost image and over saturated colours.

Photo After Above

Colour balance restored, the over exposed head area repaired, a tighter crop to improve the image and slight sharpening - print much improved.


Photo Before

A fairly difficult request. Generate a photograph from the gentleman on the right hand side of the print that was in a bad way.



Photo After

A totally new background was created and placed out of focus. The left hand half of the suit was rebuilt along with the arm and sleeve borrowed from another photograph. Not an easy one but the finished B/W print delighted the client.

The surface of the original print was stippled and this limited the size of enlargement but not the quality of the restoration work.




Photo Before

A faded B/W photo copied from an old painting.

Photo After

Rotated to make it horizontal, sepia toned, contrast adjusted and sharpened as the final enhancement. This photo required level 1 restoration and is relatively simple to complete.

It's possible to work on more recent photographs such as changing a distracting background, removing unwanted objects (or persons) and even merging different photos together.


"Dear John, Many thanks for the superb pix you sent: they are just what I wanted. Sincerely, F. Harrison"

F. Harrison - 


Another example of level 1 restoration and repair.

The client asked for  a mounted print to be copied and reproduced onto photographic paper. The original was scanned then optimised (digitally enhanced) before printing. The writing below the print had to be included so high resolution work was required. Borderpics can provide a restoration service from finished photos, negatives, or digital images emailed or supplied on media.




Testimonial . . .
Dear Mr Peters, 

I'm just enquiring about a photo that I would like copied. Its an Edwardian wedding group (c 1910) professionally taken and mounted approx 8x10 and doesn't need restoration though you may have a view on this if you see it i.e. some kind of enhancement of the image.


"Thank you very much for your efficient, speedy service. It was a small job for you but important for us and you took great care in making sure the copy turned out as we hoped. The original was returned very quickly and very sturdily packed. Thanks for all your help."

Bill & Angela Lewis. 






Photo Before

A late appearance, no suit . . 

This is an example of level 3 restoration requiring several techniques to achieve a satisfactory job.


Enhanced Photograph

  No problem! The suit/tie on the left were copied, reversed and the colours adjusted. This image was carefully pasted over the t-shirt and further work done to place it behind the other people.  A 10 x 8" print was prepared and the client was delighted with the finished restoration ordering further prints.

Please note the small details such hair overlapping the jacket (right), the collar carefully fitted round the neck, the overlap of the dark jacket and finally, using a custom brush, I've changed the pattern on the tie. Hopefully these restored photographs illustrate what can be achieved using modern digital retouching techniques.

Mid-way during the restore process: Original jacket carefully selected from photograph. Reversed, colour changed, new pattern added to tie. The tie pattern is a subtle change but indicates the time, care and attention applied in our restoration work




The example below was made from 5 separate photos taken at different locations, dates and times.

Click the pic to see how this was done.


A combination created from 5 separate photographs all taken at different times and at different locations. To see how this was done, click on the photograph.

Each image was digitally separated from its background, crafted into a montage, and a new background added.


John MacLennan asked to have the three lights centre top removed, the signs reflecting the camera flash removed, the left hand edge of the car restored that was obscured by a bush, dust spots, rain spots, colour saturation and brightness increased. A level 3 restoration resulted in an atmospheric image printed as enlargements and burned to CD.

The car was the most difficult part and had to be rebuilt using a section from the right hand edge.

"The pictures and CD arrived this morning.  They look great.  I am very happy
indeed with your work and wouldn't hesitate to use you again in the future or,
should the opportunity arise, recommend your services to my friends. 

Thank you once again for your hard work.

Kind regards





A passport size photograph taken in a photo booth. It had been folded and badly creased. This was one from a series of four in a vertical strip. Original size approx: 2 x 1.25"


The best option here was to combine the mans head from another photograph with the photo of the lady on this one which he preferred out of the four. The final image was enlarged to 7 x 5" and the client was delighted with the finished result.



Digital manipulation and enhancement to improve an image. This example is level 3 restoration. Distracting glare from the street lamps, sign-posts, cluttered foreground, converging verticals (sloping edges) requiring expert level techniques to enhance and restore.

Level 2 restoration

A treasured wedding photographed faded resulting in a deep red colour cast. 

The original also had burnt out highlights in the face and head areas. 

The colours were restored to a more natural balance and the highlights toned down.  The right hand edge of the photograph was rebuilt by cloning the background to make the finished photo a standard  10 x 8" size. This helps the balance of the image and its also easier for the client to source folders / mounts and frames for a standard size print. A neat repair job and that little touch of building up the edge of the print went down a treat!
"Hi John,

Received photo this morning and have to say I am extremely satisfied with the results!
As was my mum who was so overjoyed that she was crying! So excellent job I would say!
Thanks for changing the size for me, I have put the picture in a 10"x8" frame and it looks fantastic.

Thanks for your superb service!"

L.Homes -Aberdeen




Photo Before

This photograph was exposed to some extraneous light, either way a very difficult photo to restore and repair due to the sudden change in colour cast and detail.

   Photo after repair work.

Adjusting the colour balance, saturation and using other parts of the jacket and woodwork to modify the final image salvaged this photo. 




Before restoration.

A level 2 restoration.

Faded, slightly un-sharp and badly stained, this print is treasured by its owner.

At Borderpics, not only do we restore and repair photographs, we try to enhance the final print too!

  Photo After Repair

The cloning tool in Photoshop was used to repair most of this image with contrast and colour balance also being adjusted. The bright flashgun highlight was removed and the window effectively rebuilt. The photo was then sharpened a little to improve the overall appearance.

Excellent- I cant wait to give to my mum!
Thank you so much- I've told everyone about your services- so hopefully you'll get a bit more business!

Carly Jones




A level 3 restoration requiring skilled restore and repair techniques using digital retouching methods.


Faded, badly creased and cracks in the emulsion. Quite a challenging photograph to restore and repair.

This is typical of many photographs submitted for restoration / repair work and at Borderpics, we love this type of challenge.


Time, care and attention (and a bit of skill) are the  requirements for a successful repair and restoration using modern day software - thank you Adobe.

Not only did we provide an effective repair and restoration of this photo, we enhanced the final print by correcting the tilt. The edges, foreground and sky area of the photograph were re-built making it possible to re-align into an upright position.

Cropping the original then rotating would have been the easy option taken by many photographic restoration companies, but why settle for losing parts of your original image in the restored version?

  "Received photo today, really pleased with the result, my mother will be thrilled. Many many thanks for all your help and patience."

Mr R Tutin - Essex





Before Restoration

Faded, stained, torn edges, missing corners, cracked emulsion on surface, badly creased in several areas. An example requiring the level 3 repair and restoration service.

After Enhancement

Extensive work was required both on the subjects and the background. It was better to replace the background as much of the detail on the original background had faded to off-white. The client asked for 3 @ 10 x 8" prints and was delighted.

"I have just returned to the office from holiday and have received the photos. They look great - thanks very much - and very quick as well."

S Stone - London






The most difficult retouching job ever undertaken arrived October 2004. The client was keen to have two panoramic photographs restored and reproduced to their original size of 39" wide by 9" high. The originals had been taken with a panoramic camera in 1938 and 1939 but the prints had been tightly wound into small rolls about two inches in diameter as shown below.
To restore the photos they would have to be scanned or re-photographed and this proved difficult. Scanning was not an option due to the unwound length (39") and the fact that the photographs would not lie flat. I decided I would have to photograph the originals and somehow flatten them sufficiently to make reasonable copies prior to restoration work being possible. 
The client understated the damage on the original photographs (they had not unrolled them fully) and the emulsion had cracked in several places and there were tears in each print at both ends. Had they been flat, restoration would be a major task alone but I needed to capture images to work on first. You can see the extent of the damage below.
An additional problem caused by the creasing - areas of dark and light were created either side of a crease and this required further restoration work. Creasing and tears can be viewed in the image below.
Each photograph was carefully unrolled then taped down to a wooden board to copy them. I applied masking tape to the rear side of the tears to prevent further damage through handling. Knowing I would be able to re-photograph the prints, it was at this point I contacted the client to say I was prepared to attempt the task of full restoration and print production. I quoted them a price and they agreed. Next - the photography.

Panorama unrolled and taped to wooden board ready for photography (image below).

Taking just the one photograph would be insufficient in terms of file size for reproduction and would introduce distortion at the edges. Many photographers and restoration experts would have re-photographed using a wide angle lens, the easy option. I took 5 photographs from left to right moving the camera and tripod a set distance each time.
I had to stitch the 5 photographs together for each panorama before restoration work could begin. The stitching in Photoshop was additional work and created a large file from the 5 x 6.2 megapixel images created by the Canon 10D used to copy the images.


Many hours later with Adobe Photoshop I finally produced images I was happy with. I sent them to Peak Imaging in Sheffield for printing. Peak Imaging were one of the few labs that could handle work up to 40 " wide. I was very pleased with the finished results as was the client. 


Happy Customer!

Unknown to me at the time, several other companies had been approached. Some didn't reply and the others turned the job down possibly due to the difficult nature of the work.

To view the clients testimonial letter,  select this link here.  

The final image is represented below. I feel confident of tackling virtually any restoration work, colour or black and white. First and foremost I'm a photographer, but I also know and understand Adobe Photoshop.  Having spent many years in traditional photography, much of this in the darkroom; today's techniques are very different but still require the right combination of skills to produce top quality work. 

Remember, if you want a professional service with personal attention, then look no further than Borderpics.

 Please note these are low resolution images for example only 



Restored photographs make attractive items of decor and original personal gifts. They can be treasured reminders of loved ones or past family generations. Many companies offer a similar service but if you want reliability, a personal service with care and attention, you won't be disappointed. At Borderpics, we provide the complete service from start to finish - you restored photo can be provided

How It Works

Whatever the service level required, your original is always scanned or re-photographed to provide a copy. I never work directly on an original photograph. All work is carried out on electronic copies, so that your photograph is protected from further damage. The copy is then corrected for colour, contrast and brightness as well as completing any necessary repair work before being printed onto photographic quality paper. Your restored photo is then kept on file, so you can easily order more copies.

Do you have an odd size of negative that you would like a print from? No problem, send negatives or transparencies (slides) and in most cases I'll be able to produce a satisfactory print. 

Sizes Of Photographs

I accept original photographs of almost any size, the final picture being enlarged or reduced to meet your requirements. Very small originals (less than about 3 ins by 4 ins) do however place limitations on the size of the final print produced and the smaller the original, quality becomes very important.

Damage Correction

The amount of work involved in restoring a photograph depends not only on the extent of the damage, but also on the amount of fine detail which needs to be rebuilt. My restoration service is divided into three broad categories, ranging from straightforward correction of minor blemishes to complex restoration work. Prices for each category of work are set out in the accompanying price table

FREE Quotation - No Obligation

If you are unsure what 'category' best describes the condition of your original photograph, please make your best estimate. I'll advise you promptly if I have a different view and I won't proceed with the work without your agreement. Please email if you have an enquiry, no matter how difficult or badly damaged you think the original is, whether it be a photograph, document, painting, drawing or print.

Additional Copies

Once your photograph has been restored I'll retain a copy for future reference. Either way, additional copies of the restored picture can be ordered at standard print prices for a period of up to 1 year.

Sending Originals

To keep costs fairly low, I operate a postal service only. Please indicate your requirements and post it to me with your photograph and the appropriate remittance.


To safeguard your original, pack it carefully with cardboard stiffening so that it does not suffer additional damage in transit. Please do not send framed photographs, glass plates, lantern slides, or transparencies in glass mounts, as all of these are very vulnerable to damage in transit.

Valuable Photographs

While every possible care  taken with your originals, photographs are sent at the customer's risk and I am not able to accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage to photographs in transit or in my care.

If you believe any photograph to be of exceptional value, please advise me before sending, and be sure to arrange appropriate insurance cover.


All work is subject to receipt of payment with order. Because of the risk of sending cash through the post I can accept payment only by cheque (if drawn on a UK bank), UK Postal Order, or Money Order.  Cheques will normally be cleared before work is despatched.

Cheques should be made payable to John Peters. 

I can be contacted at the following email address:

I normally acknowledge receipt of a communication or order within a few days but if you do not receive an acknowledgement by email, please send a reminder. Thank you.


Prices valid until December 2009

 Photo / Document Restoration Prices

Level 1 Restoration Scanning to computer; cropping and resizing if required; correction of colour balance, contrast and brightness; first new print (7x 5"). Removing a few small background marks; tidying frayed edges and small corner tears. from  �18.00
Level 2 Restoration As above plus additional:
Replacement of larger torn corners; repairs to creases, lines or marks on the background; repairs on the subject providing major features (e.g. faces) DO NOT have to be rebuilt.
from �22.00
Level 3 Restoration As above plus additional:
Repair of more significant damage; merging of two or more photographs; changing backgrounds and/or removal of unwanted sections within the scene.
First new print 5 x 7"
(12.5 x 17.5cm)
First new print 6 x 8"
(15 x 20cm)
� 7.00
First new print

8 x 10"
(20 x 25cm)

� 9.00

Additional prints 4 x6"
(10 x 15cm)
� 4.00 each
Additional prints 5 x 7"
(12.5 x 17.5cm)
� 6.00 each

Additional prints

6 x 8"
( 15 x 20cm)

�8.00 each

Additional prints 8 x 10"
( 20 x 25cm)
�10.00 each
CD Rom Scan and copy one image file to CD ROM - �6.00   Additional images � 1.00 each £ 6.00 each 
  For prints not ordered with restoration work, please add 20%   
Postage and packing
First class recorded delivery
(Receipt for posting and signature on delivery)
Postage and packing
Special delivery
(recommended - package is also tracked from postage to delivery)