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   Panoramic Techniques
View the main panoramic photography page and see how modern digital techniques can be applied to enhance and restore damaged, creased, faded prints from a bygone era.


Second major restoration of a panoramic photograph! News travels fast, so does quality work. Shropshire College were the first to have two badly damaged panoramic prints restored to tip-top condition. Crypt Grammar School followed up with a similar request.

Testimonial from Mr S Ayland, Crypt Grammar school.

Following the death of my mother a school photograph of my father's school - Crypt Grammar School, Gloucester was discovered.  It was a panoramic photo of the whole school in 1937. Crypt School did not have that particular photo in their collection.
So I decided to search out someone who could restore the old picture which was faded and badly cracked in several places.  It had also been kept rolled up for a good number of years.  On running a Google search I discovered John's website together with details of another similar restoration which he had undertaken for North Shropshire College.
On contacting him he agreed to take on the work and I have been delighted with the service offered, the care and attention to detail given and the very courteous and helpful manner which has been shown.
The school which was founded in 1539 now has another part of its history, I have a quality picture and am very pleased.

The above section of the photograph illustrates the degree of folding and creasing. With the panoramic photo being stored rolled up for years, it simply wouldn't lie flat and this creates light and dark areas either side of the folds and creases. These are the most difficult areas to retouch and restore. I've included a small section of the restored image above to illustrate what can be achieved using modern digital restoration techniques. Six separate photographs were taken of the original then merged together before restoration work began. The finished print was about 39" wide and over 6" high.


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