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Here is an example of taking 5 separate photos, stripping away the backgrounds and creating a new photograph of all 5 subjects complete with a new background. The photographs were taken at different times and locations. These photos were supplied on CD and some were only 450K in size. I can work from digital images on CD, emailed files, or original prints sent by post.

This photo was taken with a rough cast wall as a background. The wall is in process of being removed.
The background is now completely removed
The background has been removed from this one taken in a livingroom.
A sister to the first two photos, this young lass was actually being cradled in someone's arms, one arm just visible.
Again, taken in a garden with the usual 'busy' background.
The last image with background removed.
Each image is then adjusted for colour and contrast. They have to be sized and a new composition created that is reasonably artistic and believable. I produce the finished merge in colour but offer B/W as an option as shown below. The enlargement size of the final print is governed by the quality and sharpness of each individual photograph.


The client wanted a black and white framed print and all work was completed by Borderpics. All services under the one roof, ensuring quality and reducing your costs.



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