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   Web Design

From a one page 'brochure based' design to a multi-page corporate web site, Borderpics can provide a solution tailored for your purpose and your budget.

Photography and design are such an important part of creating a website, and there are benefits to be gained from 'keeping it all under the one roof'.

Photographers - need a web base solution to display or sell your work? Why not ask for advice. We may recommend one of the many solutions available on the market today. Perhaps you need help automating the upload and processing of your photographs for the web, it costs nothing to ask.

   Graphics and Logos
Graphics and logos - you may already have images you would like to use on your site, if not,  we can create these for you and scan or photograph additional material if required.



Welcome to BORDERPICS Website Design Services - web design, hosting, webmaster and maintenance services for small businesses or personal requirements.

Creating individually designed websites that work for you. We offer a fully-managed service which includes: web design, website hosting and maintenance - from single page 'Business Card' websites to large catalogue sites.

No matter how large or small the project we work to the same high standards of design, site usability and customer satisfaction.

Our prices are very competitive, we can design a range of different websites to your specifications and prices can be quoted individually depending on your requirements.

Our strengths are unique, custom designed graphics and web photography all catered for in-house, no other suppliers involved.

Our web design services include:

website design
reliable hosting
domain name registration
website updates & alteration
email addresses
website visitor statistics
site maintenance
email & phone support 
Search Engine promotion and ranking
We specialize in creating custom-made websites for small to medium sized businesses and organizations and personal websites. Our emphasis is on 'brochure' sites with clear and attractive design and a user-friendly layout. We can completely design you a website from scratch, implement your own designs or give your existing site a makeover. We work in close consultation with you at all times to make sure that your website is exactly what you want at a competitive price, whether it's a single page web advert, or a large company website.


We offer a fully-managed Service Option with most of our websites, hosting your site for you, providing your own domain name and email addresses if required. Prices depend on the amount of space and range of services you require. We provide basic monthly website visitor statistics for our hosted sites free of charge, with more detailed statistics available if required.
Once we have created your website we can look after it for you and provide ongoing support. We will keep a regular maintenance check on your site and make sure that your site is always running as it should.
We will carry out any updates or alterations that you may require so that your site is always up to date. (Please note that major revisions and updates will carry an extra charge.)
Your site will be submitted to the major search engines with appropriate titles and keywords to make your site easy to find. We also look for local and subject-related directories who are willing to list your website and we can help you to organise online marketing campaigns if required.
Search Engine Promotion and Ranking
A nicely designed website is totally useless unless there are links to it from other websites or it has been optimised AND submitted to the major search engines enabling potential clients to locate your site through keyword searches.
Borderpics has vast experience of optimising web sites to improve search engine ranking. Try searching on some of the following keyword phrases, is Borderpics in the top 10?

Keyword search phrases to try.


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Try Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.

Your site could achieve the same care, attention and promotion. I run 'sister sites' to help with promotion ( and use other high ranking sites to help with promotion e.g.  Look for all of these sites appearing in the top 10 when performing keyword searches.





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